Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Dinosaur, pirate, zoo animals quilt in 'boy' colours with stripes - Update

There are positives and negatives to having intelligent, inquisitive, confident children. I could go on forever listing how having these attributes can help in life and happiness. I am naturally a proud parent. What parent doesn't recognise and celebrate their own children's achievements? Yesterday I heard talk of the 'Josie show' from Josie's school teacher and could only picture what she meant about her ability to organise the whole of her class in drama session. Josie was indeed born into the role of Drama Queen and has successfully chosen a best friend to share / compete from the crown. For those who know Josie, the best adjective to describe her would have to in fact be 'Josie.' With such a lively, charismatic and incredibly loud first child, I foolishly thought the second would be more quiet and reserved, surely none could be as noisy as Josie. And then I had Charlie who in his own right is just as creative and confident as his sister. I love to hear Charlie singing to himself and about the games he plays with his friends at nursery and his amazing imaginary world.

Generally my blog does focus on the positive aspects of life, but for a short paragraph, I wish to comment on the negative side of such wonderful children.

It is almost impossible to keep anything secret from them, especially birthday surprises.

Yesterday morning I finished sewing together the quilt top of the dinosaur, pirate, zoo animals quilt in 'boy' colours with stripes. I hung it on the line to photograph it and then hid everything away before Charlie arrived home from nursery. I was very thorough as I know he is such a smart boy, he will find the tiniest scrap of material. He had been home for a short while when he brought the camera to me to ask,

"Have you made this for me?"

He loves photos as much as I do and since I have been taking them for my blog, he really likes to look through them on the camera. He had found the camera and was looking at pictures of the quilt top. He informed me that it must be for him because it has dinosaurs and zoo animals on it.

"Have you put a pterodactyl on it?" he asked.

I don't think he knows it is a quilt and maybe he will have forgotten about it by his birthday and it will be a lovely surprise when he opens it. I will have to be far more careful in future and remember that nothing is safe from Charlie.... and I will have to put a pterodactyl on it.


  1. brilliant - they are always one step ahead of us aren't they?! Lovely kids :-)

  2. awwww hes going to have such a great birthday. presents made from the heart like that are the best ( even if he has found out his surprise ! ) Good job Susie, its beautiful ! xxxxx


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