Friday, 8 October 2010

My first make over post

I do like the idea of a tidy house, a place for everything and everything in its place but then I have two children and one of those is Charlie, the destroyer and breaker of all things Mummyish. He likes to make a mess and he can do it very well. I once read that trying to keep a tidy house when you have little ones is like trying to clear snow whilst it is still snowing and Charlie is a blizzard and tornado rolled into one. I am trying to develop eyes that can only see the tidy bits and it does help to have little projects around the house, tiny patches of neatness, prettiness or orderliness.

Another inspiring aspect of the blogging world, is just how beautiful people make things. The classic make over, the 'before and after' photos. I love them, so it was only a matter of time before I had a go myself. I do believe that you can enter them into competitons, which sounds even more fun. There is such a long list of things I would like to do, however I decided to start with something small; a bedside cabinet for Mark.

So here we go with the 'before' photo

It's an old cabinet I picked up when I was working in a charity shop about 16 years ago. It's moved around with me but has always been more functional than beautiful. We decorated our bedroom last autumn so I used some of the gloss paint that was left over, added a cut glass knob, crocheted a matching coaster and picked some constrating nastursiums to go in a jar.

And here is the 'after' photo

Today I had a very lovely conversation with my dear friend Bee, who complimented me on my blog and also commented on how she could have followed the links to other sites well into the night. I think it made me smile mostly because that is just what I hoped Ridgeway Cottage would be, an old curiosity shop of ideas, inspirations and snap shots of life. All the good things about being a mummy, with plenty of opportunities to daydream about creativity.

Finally to conclude my first make over post, I would like to add a link to a website I discovered today. I haven't read it yet in full but it looks very interesting.


  1. Wow ,you did a great job with the cabinet ! I was thinking the other day how i feel when i read Ridgeway cottage and your explanation just hits the nail on the head. Your an endless talent and to read about your days is just awesome ! xxxxx

  2. That's a great makeover! The nearest thing I did to that recently was buying some cheap plain ikea bedside tables for the girls, and using their sqeezy paints, glitter, pva and varnish let them design and paint their own bedside tables. Megan's had a selection of fairies and Laura's had pretty flowers, and they spent a great day painting and varnishing. They were so proud of their work afterwards and it was fun and purposeful!
    I agree with Lisa, your blog is so full of lovely ideas and the links are great. I have looked at all of them I think! Your allotment bake sounds good, I have made a similar thing but with breadcrumbs or old slices of bread on top as well as cheese, yummy, and beans when I haven't got many fresh veg around. Keep up the good work, the blog is lovely xxx

  3. A great job. I immediately recognised the cabinet, as I had an identical one in my bedroom when I was a child!

    1. Really, how wonderful. This little cabinet has moved round the country with me. I picked it up in a Charity shop in Finchley in the mid 90s, I wonder if it was yours!


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