Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Craft afternoon results

It just so happened that Josie's and my craft afternoon, continued into the whole of the next day, following evening and everything was finally finished off today. We bought a fabulous book, The Girls' Book of Secrets, it was really good for reading with Josie and opening up discussions about surviving bullying, how to win an arguement and the secret to understanding your mum. So over the past couple of days we've made a secret diary, a secret den and a secret den wall organiser and all whilst Charlie has been unwell (poor little thing).

Josie chose the fabric from my fabric trunk and we made a secret diary with padlock to keep Charlie out and a matching pencil.

Then we made a secret den in her bottom bunkbed and a secret den wall organiser to keep the secret diary in.

Finally we made a Halloween plate and some Halloween biscuits to go on it.

Sadly now Josie is feeling unwell so I think both of them must have had some kind of nasty bug. I hate it when they are ill, it really is the worst thing.

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  1. Josies very lucky to have that lovely secret den ! Wish i had one when i was little ! Hope thy get better soon , ive also had bad sickness bug wiped me off my feet . get well hugs xxx


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