Friday, 1 October 2010

A pretty little bag for kind-hearted girls

This week has been a tough one for me and I would not have made it through without kind-hearted girls or my truly amazing husband. I am very lucky, I am surrounded by kind-hearted girls and if you are reading my blog and wondering whether I am talking about you, the answer is yes.

Josie has been such a good girl and she definately deserved a pretty little bag, as every kind-hearted girl does, but I only had time to make one today. I got the idea from Sew Many Bags Sew Little Time: and used some of Josie favourite old clothes that had either got too shabby or too small, beautiful vintage buttons and the most fabulous bag handles from a cute yarn shop in Herne Bay.

 It really was very simple. I cut two D shapes of fabric from Josie's old coat, then applique a cup cake design on one of the D shapes using old dress fabric. I cut a frill from an old dress and tacked it to the front before sewing the bag together. Attached the gorgeous handles, a couple of buttons and some lace trim.

Josie's awarded me with a 'best Mummy in the world' kiss and cuddle, has filled it with her most precious things and placed it by her bed.
"I will take it everywhere with me Mummy," she said . I felt loved, appreciated and surrounded by kind-hearted girls.


  1. You are so clever Susie ! Love that bag ! Im going to try and make one but not sure if the boys will apreciate it as much ! Maybe Josie would like mine too! Just warning its not going to be as good as her mummy made ! xxxxxx

  2. Aah, soo cute!! You are very good making time for these things. You really are a perfect mummy - home cooking, sewing, healthy and caring. well done you xxx lucky Charlie and Josie. Keep smiling!

  3. Thank you Lisa Lovelikins, I wouldn't be surprised if Charlie doesn't wake me up at 5am tomorrow morning with a pile of clothes and a long list of ideas of how to make the boy / dinosaur / alien / monster version

  4. What a brilliant idea Susie, you are far too clever though as i would never be able to make anything like this!!! I love your blog, we have been away for a week so missed a bit, so will catch up now!! Hope you are all ok, miss you all xxx


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