Saturday, 27 August 2011

Completely a glow

One of the things I find most relaxing and inspiring is a mooch around a car boot sale, all by myself. I like to look at the old things most of all and imagine their previous owners and all the places they have been, a bit like the secret life of objects. There is quite a lot of junk but also what I consider to be treasure. Old tins are definitely a dear favourite with me and my children.

I got this old Vaseline tin from this really lovely lady who had quite a lot of her own crafted goods on her table. I sometimes think that perhaps like minded people are drawn to each other because she told me of all her wonderful projects and was quite an inspiration. I do wonder why the Vaseline tin appears to have the word "Onions" scratched on it. It is far too small to have ever contained onions but perhaps it was once used to hold onion seeds or could have possibly belonged to someone called "Onions". I have in fact taught someone with that surname from this area......

My real treasure today was a beautiful yellow glass vase which could have been made for nasturtiums, they look so stunning in it. I also got a brand new Monsoon yellow sundress and almost feel as if we might need to have another yellow day, to celebrate my new yellow purchases.

When I changed Charlie's room into a guest room for my mum who is visiting for the bank holiday weekend. They practically lit up the room with an incredible glow.

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