Thursday, 25 August 2011

Following patterns

I really would be a great deal better and both knitting and crocheting if I practiced following patterns. I have pretty much given up knitting socks because I just am unable to concentrate enough to fathom out the pattern. I would love to be able to knit or crochet jumpers or cardigans, but they are way beyond my skills. I am therefore having another go at a pair of fingerless gloves and this time I am going to crochet them. The last pair that I knitted where a complete disaster. They are not even both the same size and totally unwearable.

I have found a pattern from a lovely lady called Lizzie on her Crochet Panda blog. I took Charlie out on the back of my bike this afternoon to buy his first ever pair of school shoes and picked up one of my favourite yarns, Rowan alpaca cotton in spruce. I made a hat last winter in the same yarn and this pattern has a similar shell design so I plan for them to vaguely match. After spending the day sewing name tags in new school uniform, it's makes quite a change to do something challenging.

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