Thursday, 11 August 2011

Ten things I liked about today

Today has been a difficult day. Although everything is generally so much better, but some days are just not good ones. It's so awful to be filled with self doubt and not be able to see any good in myself, despite knowing that my opinion is not what others see. On days like today, I do truly have to try very hard to think of the things I've done well because otherwise I have a very low opinion of myself. So here is a list of things I liked about today.

1. The wind. Over the last few days there has been a slightly autumnal feel to the strong breezes and a lovely rustling of leaves

2. Picking herbs from the garden for lunch

3. Watching children play with a dolls' house

4. The impeccable manners of our young guest

5. Tomatoes - the garden is full of them

6. Charlie for not wanting to go to Sainsburys because he wanted to stay in his pjs all day

7. Junior Monopoly

8. A glass of red wine

9. Not missing a day of blogging on my summer holiday blog every day challenge by bogging on my phone

10. My wonderful family, especially my husband who I love dearly

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