Wednesday, 10 August 2011


Ever since I went to that quilt exhibition last week, I can't get the idea of a sunshine vintage yellow quilt out of mind. In fact if I'm honest, I am probably working so hard to finish my "I am 40 quilt" just so I can start a yellow one. I have also been having a sneaky peak at some vintage yellow fabrics and started collecting them on Pinterest.

There are actually quite a lot of very beautiful yellow things and I think it is becoming one of my new favourite colours. I have been rather inspired by this blog post I found by  My Cottage of Content, full of fabulous yellow things. However I have promised myself that I will finish the quilt, so in the meantime, I might just go for some yellow lemon cup-cakes in the delightful Lemon Chiffon Bird Cupcake cases that I must now buy.

I shall also have to buy some lemon coloured professional food paste from Squires Kitchen too ( any excuse). It is a tough decision to make though. Should I go for the deliciously named Daffodil or Sunflower or perhaps Nasturtium with its slightly peach tint?

I had to check and ...yes, Hunter Wellies do come in yellow. I will add them to my wish list.

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