Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The winds of change

Some people don't like change, but I like it. I like the changes of the seasons, I like the fact that there is a definite chill to the air in the mornings and that I'll need to put away my summer clothes and get out the autumn ones (or buy new ones). The end of this summer is an end of era and the start of quite a lot of changes to my life. Tomorrow is officially the start of my new contract and new role at work and I am looking forward to that. It was such a relief to recycle all the late slips and misconduct forms today now that I wont need them any more.

I am also moving into the next stage of mummy life as I will no longer have a  pre-schooler, both my children will be in school. I am a little sad about that but I feel that I will have time to do jobs when they are at school and wont have to do them when they are at home. I do have an idealistic notion of being able to completely tidy up the house and cook delicious home baked delights for when I pick them up from school. I'm going to need a beautiful apron for that. I am also going to have the whole of Friday to myself and rather like the idea of spending it making stuff. I really do feel quite excited about the future and that's a very nice feeling to have. Bring on the changes, I'm ready for the good times.

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