Sunday, 28 August 2011

A trip down memory lane

The memory is quite an incredible thing and I am often amazed at how clear snipets from the dim and distance past can appear. Memories of childhood always have a comforting feel, surrounded be nostalgia, they can't help but make you happy. The Cath Kidston Shop is proving to be quite a tourist attraction for visiting members of family, especially those who love to shop and when we visited there today, it really was a trip down memory lane. There amongst the bags made out of vintage fabrics (which are my favourite) was one made out of my mum's curtains. They ones I grew up with at home. I am almost tempted to go and get the bag and my mum wishes that she had kept the curtains.

Somehow I really love the fact that a piece of fabric can bring back so many happy and wonderful memories.

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