Monday, 22 August 2011

More sunshine yellow

Ever since our yellow day, all things yellow have taken on a new interest. Charlie is still  spotting yellow things and I am becoming increasingly fond of the colour. Yellow truly is a happy kind of colour with a rather cheering glow. I even like some of the words which evoke thoughts of  yellow; mustard, saffron, lemon, chiffon, ochre, topaz and gold. On such a dull drizzly and even slightly chilly evening in late August, the idea of golden summer sun is so warming.

I did consider making something yellow as a continued celebration so thought I might have a look on Etsy for inspiration. It then occurred to me that I had been somewhat neglecting my Etsy shop and had neither made anything for a while or sold anything ever. The world of the on-line craft shop is one that takes time to establish and build up friendships and links with others. It was clearly time for me to be doing a bit more for the Etsy community, as it is more about sharing the love, than just listing things and hoping the sell. I have created my own treasury of all my favourite yellow (click on the link below) and even made a small purchase. Perhaps it will bring me luck.

This is the small tin I bought which I thought would be perfect for putting needles in.

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