Thursday, 4 August 2011

Orange Gladioli

 18 years ago today, my Dad died of cancer and left a huge hole in my life. There have been so many days since then that I wished my Dad had still been here but none so painful or as strong in desire as when I have been proud of my children. He was the most wonderful father and would have been the best Grandfather ever. He lived for his family and we were the centre of his world. At a party today, a very dear friend complemented me on the excellent behaviour of my children and at the moment I wished that my Dad was there, not only to see how beautifully Josie and Charlie were behaving but to share in my pride. Being a parent is a very special job and something that I never got to discuss with my Dad who I'm sure would have had some invaluable advice. For years after loosing him, cut flowers depressed me. They reminded me of hospitals and funerals, but as I grow older and grow more of my own flowers, they cheer me up. Orange gladioli remind me so much of my Dad and although I not entirely sure if it is true, I told my children that they were his favourite.

So I have decided to grow some which will flower every year around the anniversary of his death and as it is completely the wrong time to buy them and plant them, I have plenty of time to find a variety I like. Gladioli are just so blousy and ostentatious, I think orange is just the perfect colour, rather like a glorious sunny summers day. There is something a little bit Dame Edna Everage about them and they are neither quiet nor unassuming. They are the perfect tribute to someone who was such a strikingly dynamic and loving father.

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