Friday, 26 August 2011

On the road to success

It only took a couple of rows yesterday to commit the crochet cluster pattern to heart and then the gloves took no time at all to finish. They were done in less than a day and seeing as I didn't spend the whole time working on them, I'm quite pleased. They are a long way from perfect and they are not really quite the same size. The pattern called for a 5mm crochet hook, which I couldn't find so I used a 4.5mm. They did come up on the small side but I do have quite little hands. There is, to be honest, a fair amount wrong with them but the yarn is beautiful and I have every intention of wearing them, probably far sooner than I would have hoped for too. Today the weather really was appalling and I could have quite happily worn them whilst I stood in the rain watching Charlie jump in muddy puddles.

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