Monday, 1 August 2011

The leeks are in

Without intention, I have just had my first blog break. It is probably good manners to announce a break before it occurs and I have most likely broken a blog etiquette rule for which I must apologise immediately. However I hardly have a mass following and as these are my last few weeks with Charlie as a pre-schooler, I seriously intend to write a blog for each of the days of August.

After what has seemed a rather busy and chaotic couple of weeks, I was pleased to announce to the children that today we will be doing nothing. Well nothing in the sense of a party or a trip or an adventure or a holiday, just a relaxing day at home so I can catch up with some of the jobs I have not found time to do.

Inspired by my friend Jeanine, who has recently started writing a blog, here is my list of the nothing I hope to get done today.

Plant the leeks
Pot up and try to save the spring cabbage
Plant more salad
Dig up some potatoes
Feed the tomatoes
Collect and save seeds from acquilegia, nigella, foxgloves, lupins and parsnips

Stop.... enough already!

I have already planted out the leeks on a wonderful outing to the allotment earlier this morning, before the children were awake. There is nothing more peaceful than spending a couple of hours at the allotment. I planted the leeks and completely flooded them with water. Fortunately there were no old boys around to tell me that I should not do that and I love to see my plants in puddles of water on hot sunny days.

And my leek seed heads are coming along nicely, I am really looking forward to collecting the seed to plant next year. It is so exciting growing plants from your own seed.

The summer cabbages are doing brilliantly this year and I think I might have spotted my prize winning Christmas dinner cabbage, although I'm not entirely sure whether it's a summer cabbage or a winter one. This picture is of my summer ones. Perhaps one day, Charlie will stop stealing all the plant labels and I'll know which variety is which.

And finally, the sweetcorn. I never seem to grow enough sweetcorn. I do plant a lot and not all the seeds come up and then I forget to plant more or run out of seed. It is definitely something I need to get more organised. Perhaps I should write another list.

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