Thursday, 18 August 2011

Inspired by the inspired and the inspirational

I love my "I am 40 quilt" so much that I am quite keen to get started on the vintage sunshine yellow quilt but want to take my time collecting the most beautiful vintage fabric. I have been looking around for inspirational designs too and have found so many. I could browse through the images on Pinterest for hours, it's my new favourite place for picking up ideas. A couple of days ago I found the quilt below which is from the amazing Penny at sewtakeahike.

I would love to be as talented as this lady and plan to start work on my own scrap quilt tomorrow. I think this quilt is amazing and as sometimes happens when you read back through threads of information on other people's blogs, you discover even more inspiration. The quilt above was influenced by another truly wonderful quilt by Amanda Jean.

I already have so many ideas about my own twist on these fabulous quilts and have bags full of scrap fabric. I think it'll make the perfect present for Josie. She doesn't have a mummy made quilt yet and she really does deserve one. She's next door at the moment having her first real sleepover party with a friend and I miss her.

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