Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Dedicated to mothers

As I complete the third day of the Easter holidays, I am spending a small amount of time reflecting on how rich and varied just today has been. I have ...

  • Been woken by simultaneous demands to think of how many uses I can think of for paper clips and explain how a secret diary can in fact be a secret diary if someone else has an identical one
  • Made a nightdress for a doll named Gwendoline and then renamed Lucinda
  • Hand printed some pirate wrapping paper with matching card
  • Turned a small boy into a pirate
  • Advised on design for party invitations
  • Tidy - cooked - cleaned in an endless circle
  • Whipped up a tea party and some chocolate mousse to celebrate the chocolate mousse day
  • Witnessed the effect of sugar on children
  • Said "yes" and "no" lots and lots and lots
  • Described in detail the process involved in actually washing hands at least 4 times
  • Turned off the tap
  • Turned off the TV
  • Laughed, cried and been for a lay down

Some pirate art
Today's sketch

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