Sunday, 22 April 2012


Today I have had a complete mum day. I was awoken to a request from Charlie to tie the Ammo belt I made for him and his Nerf gun last night around his waist, followed by a request for pancakes for breakfast. I really am not sure why he feels the need to suck lemons but nevertheless he does and I love how Josie eats pancakes, minuscule piece by the tiniest speck and Charlie tries to put the whole thing in his mouth in one go.

The children completely and totally love pancakes for breakfast with lemon and sugar. They also like them flat on the plate and it is a crime to role them. This whisk is one that belonged to my mum and has been making pancakes and cakes for longer than I can remember and I really hope that this whisk gets to survive another generation of mothers and their crazy Sundays.

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