Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Pirates, knights and spies

Life can sometimes be so overly complicated, rushed and expensive. Demands from all directions, the pressure to conform to the materialistic world and be the best in every sense of the word. And then there are wonderful days like today, where just as children have done for generations, my children played with my friend's children in the garden. There wasn't a giant trampoline, a hugely expensive wooden adventure playground, the iPads were left indoors and imagination, dirt, mud and rubble ruled the day.

There was two 5 years, their elasticated belts filled with the rumbustification of pirate life / royal swords of the great knights of old and two eight year old spies / secret agents and one Theo who had the possibility of a number of well loved role models. I did try to capture the essence of the day in a sketch but despite having several models on the pile of rubble, none of them stayed long enough to enable to draw a decent figure and the background rather took over, swamping the child and suffering slightly from artistic licence.

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