Friday, 6 April 2012


Recently Josie and I had a discussion about what special power we would have if we were super heroes. We both agreed that to be able to travel through time would be ideal. If I were to travel back in time and were only allowed one turn in the Delorean, then I would go back to the 1970s and spend an afternoon at my Grandparents where I spent so many happy times as a child. I often see their house and gardens in my dreams and I was especially fond of my Grandpa's greenhouse. I loved the way it smelt of tomato plants and was gloriously warm. It was filled with terracotta pots and red geraniums, there was even a door half way down which led to the second greenhouse and the wonderful water tank surrounded by a myriad of coloured watering cans which invariably had a surprise toad or frog hiding nearby. It was the most spectacular greenhouse, set against an enormous white brick wall of the garage workshop next door and ran almost the length of their garden. In my imagination, it was enormous and easily matched the greenhouses we saw at Quex Park today.

My Grandpa's greenhouse was very similar to this lean to style, made of wood, brick and glass.

We went to Quex Park today for the Vintage Fair which was the most bizarre mix of vintage clothing, kitchenalia and jewellery against the backdrop of gigantic Victorian glass cabinets filled with stuffed animals, hunted and collected by Major Percy Horace Gordon Powell-Cotton. 

As a pioneer of diorama, he created naturalistic environments for his natural history specimens which he displayed alongside his mass of guns and other weapons.

Vintage 1960s curtain fabric and crockery set against the Serengeti

Could we really expect Charlie to go in a vintage caravan filled with real cakes and not at least try to eat them?

And the gardens were beautiful and the weather was glorious.

Dedicated to my lovely friend who was at work and not at Quex Park

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