Sunday, 8 April 2012

Spring Cleaning

During the Easter holidays, it has been almost impossible to not be inspired to do a bit of spring cleaning. When you are at home instead of at work and the house is filled with sunlight (not today though I might add), the cobwebs, dirt and dust simply cry out to me to be removed. My children have prevented me from becoming overly precious about having a beautifully clean and tidy home (clearing snow in a blizzard is still the most accurate description) but that doesn't mean that I wouldn't like it presentable. I were to spend every second on housework, I would still be fighting a loosing battle so I settle for small corners and pockets of perfection here and there and my husband does an amazing amount of washing up, hovering, laundry, cooking and cleaning (he really does and I am eternally grateful). Yesterday was the turn of the room on the back of our house that I like to think of as my studio. It also contains the fridge, the washing machine, all the laundry (clean and dirty) and acts a general dumping ground when people enter the house.

It is rarely organised out there so after a good sort out, I did feel inspired to complete a sketch to celebrate the fact that you could actually walk through the room without falling over.

In the spirit of the seasonal spruce up, I thought it was time for my blog to get a fresh new look. For a long time now, I have been thinking that the decor was rather dark and despite the banner featuring my nan's stunning embroidery from the 1950s, it was hugely amateurish and the best I could do in 2010 when I started my blog. So I set aside some time to learn how to make a slightly more complex banner and now know how to make a collage photo.

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  1. Excellent - I'm still a very basic blogger but I was inspired last week to change my blog name from merely 'Blogging' to 'All things bright and beautiful' - I plan to write a blog about why in due course!


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