Monday, 30 April 2012

The last of the April Showers

Just one day of sunshine has been enough to lift my spirits and just confirm, as if I didn't already know, that I like the warm weather and not the rain. I know there is supposedly a drought and a hose pipe ban and the environment desperately needs each and every drop, but on a purely selfish level, it really can't be too warm for me. I don't want to wear my coat or my gloves or a wintry wardrobe, I would like to skip through the park with a breeze in my hair and the sun on my back. Too much grey is not good and without those glorious golden sun rays it is practically impossible to appreciate the full spectrum of all those stunning spring blooms. The bluebells are beginning to fade and I haven't really had a chance to simply love the delicate shades of blue against the vibrant green stems. I do feel I have missed out on the enchanting way the shadows dance through the dappled shade.

Without that vibrant sunlight, the subtle pink of the apple blossom is almost undetectable. The apple blossom buds have formed, opened and now being battered without me finding a moment to enjoy them.

I am not asking for a heat wave (well I could actually manage one) but really please could there just be a little bit more of the sunshine and a little less of the showers. Fingers crossed for May.

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