Sunday, 29 April 2012

A walk in the woods

It has been raining for so many days now. I am starting to get quite down about the lack of sun and the endless rain. I know that it's good for the allotment and the garden but it just really isn't that cheerful. Everywhere is becoming so green and there is nothing more lovely than a walk in the woods to completely appreciate everything April has to offer. We were in fact on the road to Riverhill Himalayan Gardens but the rain was so intense that visibility was significantly impaired and we decided to rethink our plans and stop off at Shorne Country Park. We ate our picnic in the car and the rain eased enough for a walk in the park, a bit of tree climbing and plenty of jumping in muddy puddles.

Waterproofs and wellies

A ready-made secret den in a clearing in the woods

Sunshine and showers

The deliciously delightful flush of new green hazel leaves

The boy with a stick

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