Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Heart shaped patch

Before both of my children learnt to get themselves dressed, they started to really rather particular about what they wear. Each morning Charlie's room is littered with socks and pants, randomly discarded whilst he searches for which ever ones are the right ones. And with the ability to be a touch on the fussy side about colour, style and fabric, they also have a number of favourite items. This results in these items being worn over and over again until the look decidely subby and the children appearing a little uncared for. The are some stained, worn items riddled with holes that I have been forbidden from throwing out so it is now time for a bit of recycling, upcycling, patching and a small amount of mysteriously being lost in the wash. Charlie's army trousers (with the rip from the knee to the ankle) have been transformed into a pair of shorts and I have promised to make him a pocket covered boy bag with the disguarded fabric. Josie's leggins (which always seem to get holes in the knees) have had the heart shaped patch treatment.

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