Wednesday, 4 April 2012


Oh joy, it's the first of April 2012 and this month is about seedlings. We plant them, water them, watch them and prick them out. I do love how fragile the first pair of seedling leaves appear to the rest of the plants. The first leaves of my cucumber plants have been there for a couple of weeks and now with the warmth of the last few days, the drastically different rough and spiked edged second leaves are beginning to grow. It is also the start of the Easter holidays, so I have days and days to spend tending my tiny seeds.

I recently bought my first ever Moleskine sketchbook but until today had not decided how to start it or quite what to draw in it. I wouldn't exactly call it artist's block, but there is that slight fear of an empty sketchbook as one doesn't want to ruin it with a rubbish picture. Then it came to me, a little project for the Easter holidays, I could do a sketch each day as a record of all things special from this month

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