Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Real games

I am all for technology and electronic gadgets but in moderation and carefully balanced with some real games. Today both Charlie and Josie had friends round and there was noise and craziness throughout the house. They played on the Wii, the computer, watched TV and then there were the real games.

Charlie and his friend fishing with earth worms in a net.

I made four toys which inspired games for the rest of the day. Sometimes the simplest things are the best. I pinned a piece of ribbon to a stick for each of them. The girls turned theirs into ribbons for the 'out the back' Olympic rhythmic gymnastics championships and the boys had whips belonging to Indiana Jones for fighting snakes and baddies.

Before Charlie went to sleep he asked me to tie a piece of yarn to the leg of a toy giraffe and then tie it to the bed. When I asked him why he explained that it was because the giraffe was his horse from the olden days and his bed was his wagon that he lived in and he needed to whip the horse (giraffe) so that he could pull the wagon across the desert.

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