Saturday, 21 April 2012


You have to be a particular type of person to wear Birkenstocks, nothing notably special but I could definitely divide my friends and family into those who wear them and those who don't. My brother wears Birkenstocks. My husband does not wear them. I love them and could quite easily have a pair in every colour but my favourite are my red ones. They are special. I bought them the summer I was pregnant with Jack. It was a truly happy time of my life and I feel that my red Birkies still contain a little bit of that happiness and a little bit of the memory of Jack. It was the year that my life changed forever and I am still trying to learn to live with that.
At the end of last summer my red Birkies were looking a little worse for wear and I promised myself that I would get them repaired. So a few weeks ago I posted them off to the repair shop and they returned yesterday.
It's almost an unwritten law that your toenail varnish must match or at the very least coordinate with your Birkies. Although the self portrait of Birkies is not the most original photographic composition, here's mine.

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