Saturday, 14 April 2012

Made in England

There is nothing more relaxing for me than wondering around a car boot sale looking for treasure. Car boot sales are one of the few places left, where you can guarantee to find products that  are "Made in England". It would be almost impossible to write about the decline of the British manufacturing industry without wandering where it all went wrong and who was to blame. However considering the political implications of these questions and because the purpose of this post is to be a celebration of "Made in England" as opposed to damnation of the rich and greedy corporations profiting by exploitation of the people who aren't protected by EU legislation........

I do actively seek out things that are "Made in England" because they should be saved and I am proud of our manufacturing heritage. After all for some of my teenage years, I lived in the Black Country where I went on school trips to learn about the role the local community had as the heart of the industrial revolution. My parents met when the both worked at Rotax Plant in Hemel Hempstead and my mother wedding dress was made from Notttingham Lace. My Grandad was a carpenter on the sets of films shot at Pinewood Studios. Vintage items are beautiful because they were designed and made as an integral part of the community and not shipped in from a far, sold for pennies and broken in moments.

Small money tin "Made in England"

Manicure set "Made in England"

Including a nail file "Made in Sheffield, England", the birthplace of stainless steel

Fabulous flask "Made in England"

Super special retro spotty design

With the word "sunshine" embossed on the lip cup

Finally, I'm not really sure if the pearls were made in England but they were pretty and well, I do like pearls.

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