Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Sunshine yellow Tupperware

I had a happy childhood. I know this is not the case for everyone but I was lucky. I was surrounded by family and friends of our family and had more opportunities than are open to a lot of people. I did well at school, lived for ballet and loved to read and draw. I was happy. Perhaps that is why that now I have my own family, I want to capture some of that happiness and pass it on. I was a child of the seventies. I played in the street, my wardrobe was filled with the kind of retro prints I would die for now and Tupperware was a big part of our lives.

Tupperware parties were these exciting things that happened after I had gone to bed. The lounge would be filled with friends, cheese, wine, nibbles and Tupperware. I could hear everyone laughing and talking from my room. This mysterious adult world was completely intriguing. Sometimes I was allowed to come out to say hello but always had to go back to bed before the demonstration started. I think that I am going to have to ask my mum what exactly went on and whether she was in fact a Tupperware agent.

Tupperware was not a cheap transparent plastic that quickly stained and looked worn in a short amount of time. It was the epitome of the 1970s palette; warm oranges, sunshine yellows, rich browns and forest greens. The plastic was thick and textured and everything had a lid. These are items were used on a daily basis in our house and are so clearly etched in my mind that I could probably recreate the entire collection from my childhood through searching on eBay and other vintage kitchenalia websites. The other day, much to my delight, I stumbled upon a similar sunshine yellow container from the Harvest Range that was our biscuit tin. An item of such iconic importance, could not be allowed to slip through my fingers.

Although now it has arrived and I am researching more exciting and essential items to add to my collection, I am wondering whether we did in fact have one with a slightly different logo in "butter".

Either way I suppose it doesn't really matter as it is the fan lid that I love and perhaps I will keep on the look out for the "butter" container as well. I did read recently that if you are going to collect things, it is even more pleasurable if your collection is practical and functional.



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